Giorgio Mitrotta talks about himself

Architect Giorgio Mitrotta was born in Rome in 1952.
He's graduate din Architecture with highest honours, and from 1980 he's registered to professional association of Roman Architects. He learned as drafts man at Arch. Prof. Sergio Petruccioli's studio, between 1975 and 1980 - an unforgettable friend and strict master.
He works and specializes in home-building with projects linked to easier and more elaborate public works' realization, and through the technical legal studio he's founded, he offers an expert advice service, focused on privates and companies. He's a technical and legal advisor of Rome's Court and since 1994 he's interfaced with institutions on the whole national area.
He's used to considerer chitecturenotas an immaterial thing, but as an exterior S interiors pace which surrounds actions and feelings; for this reason, to every single client's request, he wants to answer by creating a tailor-made suit. He believes his new studio dimension is the Net, and not only a physical space with drawing and drafting tables.
He steadily thinks that digital revolution is unavoidable for a project's execution and positive ending. Like music: long play shave been substituted by IPods, that break all the borders, and by memory sticks, which can hold unimaginable amounts of room.
In Mitrotta Studio speed and concreteness are the rules, and the attention is constantly focused on quality, finding from time to time innovative solutions and specific planning answers, and transforming the client's demand into an usable and were able reality. For years, with passion and competence.