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servizi di edilizia
servizi di edilizia

Personalized services experience and growth

For more than 30 years Mitrotta Studio has been present in tender sector, and we can fully offer a concrete entrepreneurial support.
Ours is a structure composed by freelancers and businessmen who have grown up a corporate governance in the matters of planning and factory strategy, and who assist small as grown-up customers by realizing plans, programs and specificone-dimensionale valuations.
The Studio speaks to public and private administration in order to realize, modernise, preserve and manage elaborate projects of small as well as great size, offering a personalized technical and legal aid of high quality with controlled costs and rapid deadlines, through prices and quantity analysis, market researches and summary values.
Our occupation starts from contracts acquisition of public and private building works, and continues to wards granted works management from public and private authorities - maintenance and renovation of civil and industrial works, buildings, and high artistic valuable works and edifices.
The Studio also deals with management of compounds for residential and commercial use bound torural or urban lands that can be redeveloped, as well as hospitality and touristic compounds, through purchasing, renovation and reallocation of valuable, high-yielded unit son real estate industry, and though an expert study and advice on business projects planning and analysis, that lead to commercial offers in building, civil and industrial sectors.
Our performance method allows us to completely satisfy customers' necessities throughout a deep analysis of market perspectives. We strongly examine usage/purchase, claim and price characteristic sand motivations.
Sector and feasibility study permit us to verify proposal characteristics, with surveys on potentiality, business models comparison and competitive placement mapping; also business efficiency, budget feasibility and economic supportability on a project or investment are analyzed to start a proper business planning.


The Studio is focused on PMI and Public Administrations. We give a general technical and legal aid and personalized services


To privates, we guarantee a personalized and ready participation by answering to different needs, in planning and renovation construction sector.


All the answers you need on homeowners' laws, legislative decrees, specific norms or controversies. Personalized assistance on homeowners' disagreements.

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In this section you can find information on public tenders current regulations, and legal and applicable standards interpretation; we are definitely...


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